The decision to invest in real estate or any other income earning asset is a great step, but you need be confident that you’ll be working with someone who has the necessary experience of assisting hundreds of investors to successfully secure the right investment loan package.

Investment loans vary depending on what you’re looking to achieve, and can be either very simple (like your standard home loan), or something more complex that helps you make effective use of tax benefits, gearing and repayments.

Some of the loan types and payment options for your investment loan include:

  • Variable rate loans
  • Line of credit loans
  • Fixed rate loans
  • Paying your interest in advance
  • Making interest only repayments

You may also wish to consider discussing your intention with other financial experts. I work with your Accountant or your Financial Planner so you’ll have a great team on your side.

I’ve structured and restructured many investment loans with the guidance of accountants and financial planners. I feel this is a fantastic idea so that your own advisor understands your financial goals.

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