Self Employed

How many stories have I heard about self-employed customers being made to jump through hoops just to get a home loan? There are plenty, most of which could have been avoided.

Working with an experienced Finance Broker will allow you to leave it to the expert. With our credit solutions service the lending process has been streamlined. How? By knowing self-employed lender policy inside out and having the tools and contacts to know quickly whether a solution exists.

I would consider myself a specialist in this area having worked in the Small Business Market for over 15 years. Much of this time was spent as a Small Business Specialist and Relationship Banker with two of the major Banks

Don’t go from lender to lender explaining the same things each time. We have lenders who have many income verification options which include:

  • Tax Returns
  • Business bank Statements
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Accountant verification

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