Refinancing and Debt Consolidation


How long has it been since you checked your home loan to find out what interest rate you are currently on?

Would you bank tell you if there is a better deal available with another lender?

How much is the bank profiting from your home loan?

We can sit down with you and show you what competitive home loan specials are available at the moment. There are some great discounts available for home loans of $150,000 above.

We can compare the options and negotiate on your behalf and look after the whole process.

As an example on a loan of $300,000 if we can save you 0.25% of your home loan, you will save $750 per year. That quickly adds up over 3-5 years! A lot of banks also charge annual package fees of $400 per year which we can look at changing your home loans with little or no ongoing fees.

One thing to keep in mind with refinancing that as a general guide it is only beneficial to look at refinancing if your home loan is less than 80% the value of your home. We can check this for you by arranging a valuation before submitting your application. This way you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance again. Unfortunately at this stage the mortgage insurance is unable to be transferred between lenders.

Debt Consolidation

When you have multiple debts, it’s not only a challenging task to keep them under control, it can become a big stress on you and your family. Managing different interest rates, as well as varying minimum repayment amounts and repayment due dates, can be overwhelming and most of all, expensive. If you’re holding debts with a number of different creditors, that only complicates matters further. Debt consolidation can be key to managing your finances as it has many advantages;

  • Saves you having multiple payments
  • Will save you paying higher interest and fees
  • AND will reduce your stress. Which is a HUGE plus!

Book in an appointment with me today to discuss your options to reduce your financial stress and help you get ahead.

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