About Us

Whether you’re buying your first home, looking for a better deal on your current finances or looking to buy your 10th investment property - careful review of your options is a must to find the right product and lender fit for you.

We have a panel of over 35 lenders (including the big banks) and over 1,000 loan products on offer - so you can be sure we have plenty of options. However knowing what to look for and how your lending can be structured is just as important, as it could mean the difference between spending thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of extra dollars over the course of the loan. 

I live and breathe finance every day. In my first 18 months alone, I was part of a team that settled over $220,000,000 in lending. From an experience level, that is more than most brokers or bank lenders will see in their career. With that experience in mind, my knowledge on policy, process, structure and products was slingshot ahead and distinguishes me from my counterparts.

As an award winning finance broker, I am here to provide a rewarding experience to all of my clients. I believe that constant communication from the outset and throughout is crucial to building lasting relationships and truly understand the importance of positioning myself as your trusted adviser, not just a one off transactional broker.

I pride myself on sharing this knowledge with my clients, in turn helping to ensure you achieve your financial goals and build wealth.