First Home Buyers

When I bought my first home, nobody helped me, so I understand the task ahead.

First Home Owners are so charged with excitement that many costly decisions are made without even knowing it. It can be easy and I can help you through maze and everything listed below.

What to do first, how to correctly fill out all the necessary paperwork? Setting budgets, how much is the stamp duty, can we really afford the debt, what debt reduction strategy do we use, who’s name do we put on the contract, how long will we hold this property, what will it all cost, do we buy new or old?

Too often First time buyers forget that even though it is a non tax effective loan, the purchase is still classed as good debt as the asset appreciates in value or will it. I take the time to educate first time buyers on the importance of understanding property cycles and what will make their home increase in value and the importance of property selection when considering future value.

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