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Why do banks always win?

I will show you the tools to beat them at their own game, because it annoys me just as much.

Too often people rush to gain finance as an approval date may have been set on the contract. Clients often forget it takes more than half the loan term, to decrease the debt past half way. As a broker that cares, I can fight the bank to increase discounts and help you own your home sooner.

I encourage all clients to take time an investigate finance options before property selection. Not to undermine the property selection, but it is only 50% of the equation. Having a correct finance strategy and structure can create massive advantages and save clients costly mistakes that sometimes are only found out when it is too late.

Redraws, offset accounts, fixing interest, interest only, principle and interest, line of credits, there are so many options and all provide a variety of benefits or obstacles, depending on your future plans and debt reduction strategy.

Getting the loan is one thing, clearing it is another, I am happy to share some of my knowledge over a coffee.

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