Property Investment Services

So, this is what we do!

STEP 1 – CLARIFY: We sit down together and I ask you a lot of questions. This helps me to really understand you and why you are doing what you’re doing. This uncovers so much information which helps me to build the framework.

STEP 2 – EVALUATE: I come back to you with options that are built just for you, providing you with the pros and cons to each so you know exactly what you are getting into.

PROPERTY INVESTORS: We can also personalise a property investment strategy that will include an assessment of your borrowing capacity; a review of possible finance packages; detailed financial analysis; cash flows and spreadsheets; optimisation of taxation concessions; facts, figures and data relating to selected locations and properties, - all presented in a complete, personalised format.

STEP 3 – PLAN: The choice is yours. With all the hard work out of the way and all questions answered picking the product that has been built for you now seems easy.

STEP 4 – IMPLEMENT: If you decide to Apply and Approve our support team steps in and make you feel like a star. We get you to autograph all the formal stuff and then we handle the rest of your application with the lender from submission to approval, right through to settlement.

PROPERTY INVESTORS: If you decide to implement our Property recommendations, you are given total assistance with property inspections; completion of funding proposals; preparation of documents for your selected legal firm; co-ordination of all relevant taxation issues (through your accountant); appointment of professional property management, and liaison with builder/owner ensuring a smooth passage leading to settlement.

STEP 5 – MANAGE: Long-term commitment. We walk you through each step keeping you informed the whole time by either phone or email, answering any questions you have and advising you of where your application is at. If you are getting finance to purchase a new property, we think ahead for you providing you with checklists ensuring no stone is left unturned.

PROPERTY INVESTORS: We realise that you haven’t just bought a property, but rather have embarked on an investment strategy. As such our relationship has just begun. From now on you will receive our total on-going support and advice; regular reviews of your investment strategies and regular information.

STEP 6 – AFTERCARE - Once your finance has been finalised we don’t just send you on your way. We check in to see that all your aftercare needs and queries are met – i.e. account logins, direct debits etc etc. We also like to check in every now and then (but not too often) just to make sure your loan is still leading the pack. And if not, it’s coffee time again.

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