Why are we needing to refinance in the first place? The motive often gets left unanswered.

Let’s have a coffee and discuss your situation first.

When looking at debt consolidation or refinancing of current loans, some clients just focus on the fact another bank may at the time have a slightly better interest rate. While this may be true, will it always be the case? A short term gain may cost more than it is worth and therefore decreasing future cash supplies.

If we are looking to free up cash, what will you do with the extra cash. Too often people consolidate debt only get in deeper debt, by spending the extra cash created. Looking at a clients overall situation and offering suggestions, I have been able to help clients control cash flow after a refinance and assist in creating opportunity to clear the debt and not just compound the issues.

  • Understanding the implications of principle and interest verses interest only, also fixed verses variable, I have been very successful in battle with the banks and gain higher discounts with an application the banks will fight over.

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