Set A Budget

It is not always about Interest Rate!

Too often I talk to clients about refinancing, only to establish "they have done this before". The first question is what interest rate can you get and the second is how much cash will that save me.

While this is important, we are aware, human nature is to spend what we earn, so any saving is soon lost and you will be back on the footpath looking to refinance again.

I am not here to say get out the spread sheets and count every penny, more to set a structure that keeps you on the right path, that can maintain itself.

I take the time to help you, set a structure and the Debt Reduction strategy that will be a more beneficial way to go.

Every dollar is important and you may not be using them to their maximum efficiency. Rarely do I talk to a client without showing them 2 or 3 options.

How about we chat and start looking outside the box.

Outside Box