About Stephen Orme

Why did you become a business owner running a mortgage broking business?
With my experience in the industry my focus is to assist people with their finance needs, ensuring they have the correct structure and achieve their goals sooner. In addition to this being my focus, I also make sure that my clients are fully protected as this is paramount.

Why should a potential property buyer use a mortgage broker?
The fact that the majority of home loans are being written by mortgage brokers is testament to the one on one practice of a mortgage broker. Every person is different and no two loans are the same, every one requires specialist treatment which more often than not, the banks struggle to provide. I can provide this service for the entire life of your finance needs.

What type of business do you want to be known as an expert in?
I’ve had experience in debt reduction and to me, this is an important facet of any loan. Working in Northern NSW we are experiencing a wide range of properties that are available for purchase or refinance. These include the larger rural properties to acreage, hobby farms and the owner occupied properties. If you have investment properties, or are considering your current owner occupied property as a future investment property then it is imperative that the correct structures are in place. After all, nobody wants to retire with debt still owing on their property.

How can you help clients in each one of these categories?
As a mortgage broker, my mantra is to ‘know your client’. I’m a believer in budgeting, but that doesn’t mean living on baked beans!
Every country, state, school and business has a budget and some work better than others. As do some people need more assistance in budgeting than others. Complexities differ from person to person, sometimes it's just a general chat, for others it requires a lot more work. Once in place though, the results and piece of mind attained give me enormous satisfaction.

It is imperative to have the correct structure in place no matter what type of property is being financed. This can only be done with cooperation and an openness from clients, so as we all are able to reach our goals.

Why should a client trust you?
My background in Mortgage Broking/ Financial Planning has given me a greater understanding of the financial world. I know it can be very daunting for a lot of people, as not everyone transacts on a regular basis. Purchasing a property or refinancing with another lender is a consideration not to be taken lightly and the benefits of having a loan and with which lender to go with, need to be explained and researched thoroughly.
As stated above, I prefer to put a plan in place where you can reduce the mortgage over time and not impact on your lifestyle. This can be done with the correct structure and allocating the cash flow to the correct areas, so as to achieve the short and long term goals.


Steve Orme was introduced to me via Real Estate Agent in Queensland, and I live in Melbourne. I had multiple setbacks before I met Steve and my applications and circumstances were not your straightforward file. Brokers gave up my hopes to own an investment property and some even told me to go elsewhere. For 2 years I wanted to use my deposit to progress in life.  The truth is Steve Orme NEVER lost his enthusiasm with my Portfolio. I appreciate your dynamic work ethic Steve, it’s a breath of confidence for your clients like myself who rely on such vigilant work ethic to push my application to the right lenders and meet deadlines.  My loan is now APPROVED with instant emails and messages whenever I wrote to him.  I recommend Steve Orme and have no hesitation in recommending him for his pride in his role as a Broker.

Written:  Melbournian mother seeking to invest in her children’s future.