Investment Home Loans

When considering buying an investment property, it should always almost be dealt with as a business decision. Taking the emotion out of buying a property is hard, but essential if you want your investment to do well in the long term. There are a number on things to consider when buying an investment but the main things two things you need to decide on are whether you want capital growth or cash flow. There are hundreds of different opinions on the matter but at the end of the day it comes down to your end goal & personal preference.

We believe that buying an investment property is a big financial step & as such, it is crucial that you do your research & know what you’re getting yourself in for before investing.

Seeing a mortgage broker is an important first step if you are considering investing in the property market. For starters we can calculate if it is even possible for you to buy an investment property. Not many people know this but it is getting increasingly harder to borrow money for investment purposes. Not only that but the fees and interest rates are higher than your standard owner occupied home loan.

That being said, using a mortgage broker can help you navigate any hurdles that you may face. We assess your current financial position & point you in the direction of the more favourable lenders that suit your wants & needs.

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