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With Hundreds Of Loans To Choose From How Do You Know Which Is Right For You??

The home finance market is full of options. There are multiple lenders, different products, rates, fees and charges. It is almost impossible to compare all the many choices out there without spending hours of your time calling, searching and visiting multiple bank branches.

As a qualified Finance Broker it's my role to sort through the hundreds of individual loans available in the market today to find the one that suits your needs. We have 30 lenders on our panel with approx 800 loan products. After a short consultation I can sift through the many products and summarise the choices into the TOP 3 for you.

Do you want to spend your time reading through all the lender websites? Visiting different bank branches and end up more confused than when you started or would you like a professional who sorts through all the options day in day out assist you on your journey?

Finding your home loan can be as simple as following these 3 steps:

  1. Determine your goals and requirements
  2. Source the right lenders/products that matches your needs
  3. Getting the loan approved

I am able to guide you through the above steps and also take out all the hassle associated with the loan approval process, deal with the lenders and do all the paperwork.

Nathan is professional, reliable , honest and punctual with catch ups. He made me realise this is the way to go and forget about the banks that put you the 'too hard basket' when you ask a question. J Green, Frankston

Imagine having someone do everything for you and act as your guide throughout the whole process from initial enquiry through to settlement and then beyond. This is what I provide.

If you're looking for a home loan to either:

  • Refinance to a better deal
  • Buy your first home
  • Upgrade
  • Finance your renovations
  • Purchase an investment property

Then please call or email me to book a no obligation appointment to discuss your options today.

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