Self Employed

Lending to self employed individuals can be a complex and difficult process. First of all the rules for a self employed borrower are different from a normal employee so you need to know what the banks are looking for and who to approach to get the desired outcome. The specific information requirements and the way in which a lender looks at your application are very important as too is the choice of lender. In this space not all lenders are the same.

You need an expert on your side

Being self-employed myself I understand the complicated nature of this type of lending and also the frustrations when a lender says you CAN'T borrow!

After discussing your situation and gaining a full understanding of your business and financials I can help you navigate and locate the most suitable lender for you.

Allow me to do all the leg work and find you a lender that will work with you. I can help Self Employed borrowers to:

  • Buy a home
  • Refinance your current debt
  • Raise funds for business use/working capital
  • Purchase a business or accepted franchise
  • Purchase commercial property
  • Develop units or townhouses

For expert advice and assistance to achieve your goals please contact me for an obligation-free appointment.

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