About Nicholas Wu

Nick's career began in the finance and IT industry where he worked for a number of years serving major Australian clients on complex projects. However, it was Nick's passion for helping people achieve their financial goals that made him decide on a change of direction, and started his own business as a mortgage broker.

Nick is down-to-earth, friendly and approachable and communicates fluently in both English and Mandarin. He believes honesty, a strong work ethic and the ability to truly understand and meet clients' needs that are the foundation to becoming a successful mortgage broker.

Nick believes he can utilise his strong financial background, business acumen and deep interpersonal skills to understand each client's unique situation in order to provide a tailored solution to meet their current finance requirements, whether it is big or small, simple or complex, for personal or business, and help plan for future financing needs.

Outside of work, Nick is a football/soccer fanatic and loves to travel to learn new languages and cultures.

Loan types I can help you with include:

  • Home loans
  • Investment loans
  • Business loans
  • Car loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Construction loans
  • Personal loans
  • Insurance
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds


"My husband and I made the right decision when we turned to Loan Market. I never knew Loan Market until I googled it and found a highly recommended feedback. Our broker is Mr. Nicholas Wu. I highly recommend him to everyone. He makes the loan process so much easier for us, very prompt with answering calls and emails and more importantly made things happen. Coming from a very bad experience with our old broker who only taken us for a ride for 5 months with no result, Nick made it happen in just 1 week and helped us out to make our dream house a reality. I would definitely use his service again in the future. "

Helen, Melbourne VIC


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Latest News

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    How I can help your clients during this time of uncertainty

    In the midst of all of this uncertainty and chaos, I wanted to share that my business is covid-capable, and isolation-enabled. That is to say, it’s business-as-usual and if your clients need me, I am here.

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    Is March a buyer’s month? To delay or act, that is the question

    ​I’ve read plenty over the years about the “best time to sell” for homeowners in Australia, and that got me thinking. When’s the best time for buyers? When is the market less competitive on the bidder-front? When are prices likely to be more affordable? And how much does supply of real estate stock play a part? Is there such a thing as a buyer’s month? Turns out there is. And it’s probably now.

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    We’re starting later, it’s costing more - is the property dream unreachable in 2020?

    Once upon a time, let’s call it the 80s, the average Australian would buy their first home at the age of 24. Here we are, three decades later, and buying property doesn’t occur until we’re 35. Why is that? Is it thanks to the price of housing in our popular cities, and the militant discipline required to save a gigantic deposit? Or is it that we’ve decided to ‘live a little’ in our twenties, choosing renting and share-housing over striving to attain our first property asset? And is property still the asset class it used to be? Let’s discuss.