Self Employed

Many Australians enjoy the freedom of working for themselves, but being self-employed means time is of the essence, not to mention the challenge of keeping up with the paperwork of running your own business.

Self-employed borrowers will often choose to talk to a mortgage broker over a lender because they are finding it difficult to arrange a loan due to their unique financial situation, or they want a wider range of home loan options.

We deal with 30 lenders because they have different policies, and some are more flexible than others when dealing with the self employed. For example some lenders will average the last two years income, or only allow for a limited increase in income year on year when calculating borrowing capacity, whereas we have a few lenders who are happy to work with just the last financial year - great if your business experienced good growth from the previous year.

I can work with you to qualify for a competitive home loan with the right lender for your specific requirements.

What you can expect from your appointment with me:

  • Simplified paperwork
  • Flexible application process
  • A competitive interest rate
  • Access equity for your business/personal and investment finances

Talk to me today to find out more about your full or low-documentation home loan options.

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