First Home Buyers

Congratulations on joining the special group of people becoming home owner’s for the first time. Did you know there are more than 40 lenders who are vying for your business, and they know you very well.

I am sure you have a thousand questions like:

How much deposit do I need?

Can I afford the repayments?

How much can I afford to spend? ...

The list of questions is almost endless, and to each question there always seems to be more than one answer.

To navigate these questions and answers and the range of options provided by this array of lenders you need a balanced education in:

  1. the different loan products available;
  2. the different types lenders (banks are not the only lenders out there); and
  3. how to select a loan structure that will enable the lifestyle you can live with now and prepare you for the future.

We can help you acquire this knowledge, then assist you to use this knowledge to secure a finance package that is both functional and affordable for your lifestyle now and the foreseeable future.

As you move through the various stages of life (single; couple; family; empty nesters; retirement) you will have a knowledge of loan structures that will assist you to choose which loan structure will suit you at the different stages of your lives. Because this industry is constantly changing, the wise borrower will always consult with a broker when considering a change to finance arrangements.

There are also a number of benefits available to first home owners not available for subsequent purchases.

We know what these are; where to find them; how & where to apply for them and we will ensure that you obtain all benefits available to you.

Talk with me today to find out how we can make your dream come true.

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