Home Loans

Equity finance mortgages (EFMs)

Another loan product that recently entered the market are Equity Finance Mortgages.

These provide a diverse range of clients not able to meet the requirements on their own with advantages such as: extra cash flow; the opportunity to move into a better neighbourhood or lifestyle while retaining their family home. With assistance of up to 20% of the property value in exchange for up to 40% of the capital gain on the property when sold or paid out, this type of home loan can help you achieve and enjoy your goals a little earlier in life.

Home loans for teachers

Teachers and their educational support staff are dedicated to their craft and do not always have the time to research lenders and products in order to choose a home loan. I am available outside of regular school hours to provide the research assistance required and to follow through with the preparation and submission of the application to settlement and beyond.

Education is the key to a good home loan

Many enter the home loan market with little or no knowledge of what debt is or how to make it work for them to assist in creating wealth. Understanding the roles of the many types of debt and how they affect our ability to attain the great Australian dream of home ownership is essential.

This is particularly important for young people entering into home ownership for the first time who have neither the experience of second and subsequent borrower or a family member with the finance knowledge of a broker.

I get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction out of helping people understand the maze of home loan options and lenders and then setting them up with a plan to help them navigate the home finance path with the destination of home ownership, investment ownership and wealth.

Talk with me to learn how I can help you take control of your finances.

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