Self Employed

Like me, you are one of many Australians who enjoy the freedom of working for yourself. But being self-employed often means our time is too precious to be spent walking into banks or surfing the internet looking for a home loan to meet our needs.

Many self-employed Australians talk to a mortgage broker because they understand that a broker has access to 30 perhaps more lenders with a broad range of home loan options available. Talking to me is like having your own personal finance expert to help you secure a home loan with all of the features your accountant has told you to get and at a competitive rate.

Your borrowing needs do not always fit with your accountants timetable and you may not have all of the documentation a lender is asking for. In these cases there are borrowing options that have lesser documentation requirements that may suit your purpose.

What you can expect from your appointment with me:

  • Simplified paperwork
  • Flexible application process
  • A competitive interest rate
  • Access to equity for your business/personal and investment finances

Talk with me today to find out more about your home loan options.

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