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Paul Hixon and his team are brokers who work for loan market and are based in the beautiful New Farm and surrounds. Between them, they have years of experience in discovering the competitive home loans and finance packages that are out there for people looking to buy.

Get in touch today to find out more about the benefits of going with an experienced mortgage broker you can trust. Then start looking forward to all the great memories that living in your new dream home, or paying less for it, could bring.

Loan specialties

Home loans

Whether you’re investing, buying a home or looking for a new mortgage deal, we’re here to help. As part of Loan Market we work with over 30 lenders, with access to over 800 home loan products – so whatever your goal, we can help you find a mortgage to suit your unique needs.

First home buyers

Take the first steps to buying your First Home. We can help you navigate the thousands of loans and the processes involved. We will also help you pay off that loan faster.  


It’s a good idea to review your home loan from time to time, to make sure it is still helping you achieve your financial goals and has all the features you need. We may be able to shorten your loan and save you thousands.


Many Australians enjoy the freedom of working for themselves, but being self-employed means time is of the essence, not to mention the challenge of keeping up with the paperwork of running your own business.


Whether your looking to buy your first investment property or add to your portfolio we are here to help you.

Self-Managed Super Funds

Running your own super fund offers control over your retirement and investments. However you must follow the ever changing rules and regulations. We will advise and let you know who is lending and what the criteria are. 


  • Christopher Sadler
    Found me a fantastic deal, very good communication, very helpful!
  • Anitha Karunairajah
    He was very professional, attentive and kept me in the loop at all times. Everything was done and sorted very quickly with no hassles.
  • Luke Nowlan
    Paul is an expert in this field with necessary contacts to provide the best solutions
  • Timothy Busby
    Great service, easy to work with. Explained everything in a way i could understand. Got everything moving very quickly.
  • Mary Hohns
    Always helpful
  • Pal Dorogi
    Paul is a highly skilled professional. I am very glad to my first real estate agent who advised to use a Paul as my loan broker and introduced me to him.
  • Katrina McMillan
    Paul and Justine and were extremely helpful throughout the whole process of purchasing my first home
  • Steven Ayoub
    Paul and his associate Justine were prompt to reply to all my questions and were more than helpful helping me filling out and sending paperwork.
  • Susan Aspinall
    He was able to find the right loan when my existing bank was unwilling to help me out
  • Gregory Rayment
    Knows his stuff!
  • Rhianna Jones
    Used previously, continued to provide good service, flexible, helpful
  • Scott Horton
    Paul was fantastic from start to finish.
  • Rachel Heysen
    Approachable, professional, efficient, lovely!
  • Luke Tehan
    Paul was very diligent
  • Catherine Chapman
    He was personable and I was happy with the service he provided.
  • Jonathon Rutter
    Excellent Service & Communication. Always very helpful.
  • Scott Coakes
    Paul made the whole loan process effortless.
  • David Hope
    Paul and his team were very helpful and walked us through each stage of the process and was on hand night and day to explain anything we didn’t understand.
  • Colin Brook
    Paul was very professional and helpful to get us exactly what we needed
  • David Baker
    Paul was very responsive to all our queries and turned things around quickly.
  • Bradley Grant
    Excellent customer service and a great guy
  • Brenton Goves
    Easy to work with, takes into account your personal circumstances.
  • Michael Bishop
    Knows his products, professional and makes loan approval process easy.
  • Justyn O’Sullivan
    Don’t know how we would have managed without Paul, his advice was spot on every time.
  • Luke Sutherland
    Fantastic service, great product
  • Brandon Wortley
    Paul was efficient, knowledgeable and timely.
  • Jacqueline Hall
    Efficient, friendly, knew our names when we rang before we even spoke/said (must have had our names saved in his phone)
  • Matthew Bialkowski
    Paul's knowledge, professionalism and approachability were very comforting in a sometimes confusing process for me. His ability to break things down so that I could understand them and be comfortable with the decisions made the whole process very easy.
  • Pablo Barrientos
    He's been always keen to reply any questions at any time. Even during weekends. He put an amazing dedication to it.
  • Sharon Anderson
    Paul was very patient in explaining things carefully. He was supportive and reliable throughout the process
  • Yiwei Yu
    Paul is very professional and helpful, and managed to chase the case up and work for client's benefit very well
  • Shane Callander
    Knowledge of loans was very good
  • Marc Walker
    Excellent service from both Michelle and Paul - followed through on every promise and an incredible source of knowledge and advice.
  • Andrew Drazek
    Paul performed exceptionally well and persevered where others gave up. His tenacity and professionalism are to be commended.
  • Luke Sutherland
    Very helpful and approachable. Easy to contact, good communication. Happy with the loan product.
  • Christopher Wallace-Harrison
    I dealt with Paul Hixon, Being an Expat; Paul was very professional and persistent throughout the difficult process.
  • Scott Norrish
    Paul was magnificent - everything from his accessibility, to knowledge and guidance was outstanding - it gave us tremendous confidence and eased our nerves
  • Belinda Carroll
    Paul was excellent to deal with - he worked hard to find a solution and followed it through to the end
  • Kan Zhou
    Paul Hixon was excellent to deal with.
  • Mardi Arkinstall
    Paul's advice and assistance getting us through the process was invaluable. We basically wouldn't have had the confidence or knowledge to move into our new home without him. We are in a much better position than we could ever have been if we hadn't sought his help.
  • Emma Hodis
    I mostly dealt with Paul Hixon but Michelle did a majority of the administrative things (emails, paperwork etc). She was always very prompt and followed up correspondence quickly.
  • Elizabeth McCormack
    Paul was very friendly and helpful and patient.
  • Shaun Makings
    Being a first time home buyer my partner and I had no experience in purchasing a home. Paul was there for us any hour of the day and any day of the week to help us out with any questions or problems we had. He was even prepared to drive 2.5 hours to pick up documents because the banks weren’t being very helpful. Paul went above and beyond to help us out and I cannot speak more highly of the guy.
  • Belinda Carroll
    Paul was attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and in addition to this it felt he went above and beyond to find the best deal for me.
  • Rhianna Jones
    Paul was extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to assist with problems as they arose; I feel he went above and beyond what I expected from a broker.
  • Rhianna Jones
    Paul was extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to assist with problems as they arose; I feel he went above and beyond what I expected from a broker.
  • John Smith
    Extraordinary service, excellent product(s). Most impressive...have already recommended Paul to others.
  • Barry Fallance
    Paul kept me well informed at all stages of my home loan application, he was always prompt to return my calls.
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