Refinancing – Restructuring Home Loans in Melbourne CBD

Carlton, Docklands, Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Prahran, Richmond, South Yarra

With the most competitive interest rates in years, refinancing or restructuring your mortgage is something that could help you take years off the term of your home loan and save you many thousands of dollars over the term of your loan. The most important thing to consider when restructuring is will this place you in a better financial position than remaining with your current lender or existing loan. Together we will go through the various scenarios and show you the benefits and savings involved in changing home loans (if applicable), as well as compare your projected costs over a set time-frame. And if you decide that refinancing is the right move for you, I will help you complete all the necessary paperwork to make the change.

Debt Consolidation in Melbourne Suburbs

Debt consolidation can be a handy solution when you find yourself juggling repayments on several financial products, e.g. credit cards, personal loans, home loans etc. Debt consolidation works by combining all those debts into one loan with the lowest interest rate. Because the interest rate is lower, and the loan term is usually longer, your monthly repayment amount will decrease, giving you greater control over your finances. The key is to make sure you don’t go out and max out what you just consolidated again.

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