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  1. Happy Holidays - A New Decade Awaits

    The year has flown by in the blink of an eye! First time borrowers again took advantage of the stamp duty savings. At VFS, we continue to do what we love doing

  2. Lockdown Over – Buyers are Ravenous!

    The ongoing pressure on the RBA to reduce the cash rate seems to have worked this month, regardless of the fact they made it very clear months ago that they will not be reducing the cash rate further and that any stimulus needed to come from the government.

  3. Should I stay with a Fixed loan – or go Variable?

    One of the most common questions we get asked is the question of fixed rates vs variable rates and which is better….. There is no simple answer – and that’s simply because it all comes down to what your intentions are and most people’s intentions differ when it comes to managing their money

  4. Withdrawing Super To Buy Property? Think Again!

    There seems to be a large number of people tapping into their super and withdrawing the Government-approved $10,000 to help them deal with the impact of COVID 19 on their lives. And understandably, if it is assisting those in true financial hardship due to loss of income and enable them to pay fo...

  5. FY 2021– Best Time to Refinance? NOW

    It makes sense to review your home loan at least every two to three years just to make sure you are still on a competitive rate and identify any other home loan package that may be better suited to your individual circumstances.

  6. Tax Returns & Borrowing Money – Why They Matter

    People who have a ‘normal job’ and receive a payslip for each pay period are referred to as Pay As You Go or ‘PAYG’. Their employer takes out the applicable tax amount and pays this to the tax department on their behalf for each pay cycle.

  7. EOFY - Is now a good time to sell?

    Don’t ‘wait’ for the market to get better - if the decision has been made to sell, then just engage the right real estate agent and work with them to determine the best campaign for your property, present it in the best light and remain reasonable about your reserve selling price.

  8. Is now a good time to buy property?

    Lenders are still showing enthusiasm in taking borrower applications and keeping things moving and many brokers are reporting they are very busy, continuing business as usual.

  9. COVID19 Edition…..What To Do….

    The world as we have known it has changed dramatically these past few weeks with this global pandemic affecting pretty much everyone around the world, banks and brokers are considered providers of an essential service, so for us it is business as usual, though we can tell you it is anything but u...

  10. Cash Rate Drops To All New Lows…..

    One area most recently impacted has been our official Cash Rate In response to a sluggish economy and looming concerns over the ongoing impact of the coronavirus on business in general

  11. Cash Back Offers – Do You Home Work…..

    It’s the time of the year when many lenders start to go into new business drive mode and put out some seemingly great offers for home loan borrowers to entice them to switch to a more cost effective product, in many cases there are some good savings to be had, but there is always a flip side, oft...

  12. Happy New Year - Happy New Decade

    2020 has started with a big ‘bang’ so to speak. Unfortunately, much attention has been around the poor souls caught up in the terrible bush fires still blazing out of control throughout the east and west coast of Australia. Read more....

  13. Happy Holidays – End of the Tweens, bring on the Twenties!!

    2019 will certainly be a year to remember with respect to housing interest rates in Australia. The RBA have declared our official cash rate will hold this month at 0.75%