Refinancing/Debt Consolidation

Has your lifestyle or financial situation changed over time?

Do you know what interest rate you are paying?

Will your current lender contact you to advise of better deals with other lenders?

If you have had your home loan for more than 2 years or you are unsure if you are receiving a competitive rate it’s a good time to call for a review.

There are many benefits to refinancing. When you refinance you replace your current loan with a new loan – that means a new interest rate, new repayment and new terms. This could be with your current lender or a different lender.

Refinancing can allow you to;

  • Roll all your debts, including credit cards & personal loans into one.
  • Take advantage of cheaper interest rates and lower fees
  • Benefit from additional features
  • Switch from fixed to variable or vice versa
  • Access equity for renovations, holidays, other purchases or investments etc.

So whether you are refinancing to improve your financial position or purchasing another property, it is important to make sure your home loan is in great shape and working for you.

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