Car, Bike, Boat, Caravan Loans

When buying a new car, bike, boat or caravan we recommend you do not arrange the finance with the dealership you are purchasing the asset from. There are two reasons for this, firstly these types of loans are a little different to normal loans. The finance person has the ability increase their profits with higher fees. This means you may have a car loan at 0% or 1% which sounds great, but you may have been charged a fortune in fees to cover the low interest rate.

Secondly when you purchase the car from the dealer they make money from the sale. When you arrange finance from the dealer they make money from the loan. If you are a great negotiator and have managed to get the dealer to drop their price they may just increase the finance fees without you being aware.

We suggest you negotiate the best price on the asset and then talk to a third party about the finance. To compare different loans simply compare the fixed repayment amount of each different option.

Make an appointment if you would like to look at some options.


We have a car buying service through one of your lenders that means you will never pay retail prices. Simply call us, tell us what vehicle you want and we will get to work in shopping around for the best wholesale price. This service includes all the options you want, servicing at your local dealership and the vehicle is delivered to your door with a full tank of fuel. It does not cost you a cent, just a few minutes of your time to make a call.

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