​Business Purchase

As a Business owner, are you looking at financing the purchase of a new business or buying a franchise?

With a business purchase,

  • Most banks want you to share the risk by either providing collateral security or contributing cash into the purchase.
  • Relevant industry experience and management skills are taken into consideration in a bank’s assessment.

With our expertise and experience on your side, we help you find the right finance solution for your business’ borrowing needs.

We assist you in presenting how you should generate cash flow and profit from the business that you are purchasing and management of the business.

For example, we recently secured a business loan of $800,000 to purchase a business. The client home was worth $1,300,000 and had a home loan of $500,000. That is 100 per cent of the value of the residential property that was secured. We present to the Bank the proposed cash flow, the capacity to repay and reduce debt as well as the client’s strong management capabilities in the given industry.

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