Commercial Property Loans

Business Owner

We help you as a business owner to protect your premise.

The cost of your commercial property loan could be less than the amount you are paying in rent. Are you aware that some banks will lend up to 80 per cent of the commercial property value? With our expertise in the commercial lending market, we understand the key lending criteria of different banks.

Property can be purchased through your self-managed superannuation fund. Trusts can also purchase a property. Separating ownership from your business provides asset protection. We work with your accountant and solicitor to achieve this outcome.


The commercial property market is all about taking an active and selective stance in making the most suitable investment decision.

Understanding your exposure to interest rate fluctuations and the importance of property location are paramount. As an investor you can choose from a variable rate, fixed rate, the combination of variable and fixed rates and principal and interest or interest only loans. Each lender offers a different loan to property value ratio based on property type and location.

Would you prefer to be in an accelerated program which helps you pay off your loan faster or would you rather maintain your current level of repayments?

We can help you develop an interest rate risk management strategy, choosing a loan that suits your profile and reduces the exposure to interest rate fluctuation.

For further details, browse through our case studies.

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