Rammed Earth Pty Ltd

Over the years we have dealt with numerous Brokers, most banks to varying degrees, and several finance companies, here in W.A. The quality of their services and response times varied, but always lacked urgency and punctuality.

Our latest development is a multi-storey complex of eight large apartments which were ready to go when the GFC hit, and all banks ran for cover. Local brokers could not, or would not, go the extra distance required to win the business. We even approached several international banks that, despite their interest, were not able to access our market because of Australian banking regulations.

A contact over here then suggested we try Mr Grant Rheuben in Melbourne. Grant proved to be a pleasure to deal with; understood exactly what was required, has very good contacts throughout the Finance Industry, and quickly re-assembled our proposal into a more digestible format for bankers.

Grant then pursued the presentation and persisted at every level almost daily, until the bankers understood and accepted our proposal. His tenacity and reliability is beyond admirable, and is certainly above any level experienced here in Western Australia!

His entire dealings have been up-front and clear, his manner was consistent, service was unyielding, and I personally found him to be a rock in these turbulent times. He secured the necessary finances, and as an indication of our gratitude and appreciation was paid first, and in full.

However, the story didn’t end there! Within a few weeks of working with the bank, unexpected problems and questions were raised by the banks next layer of management, questions which delayed and frustrated us…but Grant stepped back in and within a few days had the bank back in-step with requirements.

Our project is now under way, and I can honestly say it would NOT have happened if we had not had Grant on our side. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Grant Rheuben or his company, and in future will not ever waste time and efforts using anyone else.

Roman Antoniuk

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