Home Loans

Buying your home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience, not to mention a big financial commitment.

When searching for a home loan, there is so much more to consider than just interest rate alone. There are hundreds of home loans available in today's market. I will help you compare lenders, loan features, fees and charges to help you make an informed decision on a competitive product that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Home loan pre-approvals

A home loan pre-approval will provide you with the confidence you need when negotiating on a property purchase price. A pre-approval gives you a good indication of your borrowing range, allowing you to focus your property search on affordable properties and move quickly when you find the right home.

When making an offer on a property of interest, I often see that a seller / vendor will favour a pre-approved client over the non pre-approved client as they are often more certain with their finances. It is also a great opportunity to address your finance position whilst you do not have any time pressures in place such as 14 day finance clause ticking away on you.

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