First Home Buyer

Questions and answers

People who have bought several homes likely know the basics of finding a home loan, but first home buyers in Townsville will have a lot of questions. They might wonder how much they can borrow, what sort of deposit they’ll have to put down or whether they qualify for the Great Start Grant. The answers to these questions can be difficult to find, but an experienced mortgage broker like me can make the process much simpler.

Purchasing your first home is an exciting time in your life but there is a lot to consider. I support first home buyers through the entire loan process, so you can focus on finding the perfect property. With your permission, I also maintain contact with real estate agents and solicitors to keep stress to a minimum and ensure your journey to home ownership is a smooth one.

I can advise you on the sources of deposit that each lender will accept, including genuine savings, monetary gifts, inheritances and first home owner incentives. If you don’t have the deposit required, I can explain how you may be able to make use of family equity, also known as a limited guarantor loan.

Home Loan Pre-approval

Being a first time buyer sometimes a Home loan pre-approval is a great way to ensure you know exactly how much you can borrow and afford to pay even before you start looking for a property. Home loan pre-approval is usually valid for three months and when it comes to negotiating on a property it can also give you a competitive edge over other interested buyers.

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