Home Loans

Buying a home in Townsville or anywhere for that matter can be an exhilarating and even sometimes exhausting experience.

Whether you are a First Home buyer or a seasoned Investor purchasing a home is one of those major milestones in your life, but it doesn’t always come without a significant amount of stress or emotion. For some people it is exciting, others find it overwhelming, or even scary.

When you really think about it this is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever make.

I’m here to help

You might find yourself asking, “Which type of loan is right for me?” The answer to this question is complicated, as all home buyers come to the table with unique needs and wants.

Unfortunately finding the loan that suits your needs and circumstances isn’t just as simple as going for the loan with the lowest interest rate.

For example, you might be an investor looking to expand your investment portfolio. In turn, this may lead you to obtain an interest-only loan. Or maybe you’re buying your very first home and need consistency with repayments, which can be achieved with a fixed-rate home loan.

Taking out a home loan is a significant and long-lasting financial commitment. This means you need to be happy with whatever option you select, now and into the future. There are hundreds of home loans available and my focus is on helping you to understand the different types of loans available including the benefits of each feature and how different structures could assist you in achieving your future goals and plans.

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