​Self Employed

Being Self Employed doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow money it just means that some or all of the information the lender will want to see will be a bit different to that of an employed applicant.

Some lenders will want to see 2 or more years of financial information whereas others might only want one year and some might even be willing to accept 12 Months BAS statements or an Accountants Letter or your last 6 month business transaction statements.

The trick is working out what information that you have available and then coming up with a solution that meets that. To truly maximise your limited time, you need a mortgage broker who is efficient and knowledgeable. You don’t have enough hours in the day for anything less. I have the know-how that allows me to present you with options and the experience to help you find the right choice. I won’t trouble you with drawn-out conversations or slow response times – I value your time and know how efficient you must be to stay on top of the game.

Being Self Employed shouldn’t mean that you cannot buy a property in Townsville it just means that first we need to gain a proper understanding of your business and income streams to find the right solution.

My goal is to work with you to ensure that the loan selection and application process is flexible and simplified, relying on the type of paperwork that you can access, as basic or as comprehensive as this may be at the time.

I will assist you to identify a lending product that offers you a competitive interest rate and works with you to allow you to achieve your future personal and business goals.

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