Investment Property

Everything you need to know about purchasing an investment property in Australia

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There are certain things all savvy property investors do, especially when they’re starting out. Understanding the responsibilities of property investment and if it’s the right decision for you is the first step.

Setting out a strategy and researching suitable areas for property investment will help set you on a successful path as a property investor. And of course, setting your budget and making sure you are spending within your means is critical.

Once your finances are in order, it’s time to find the right investment loan. Getting pre-approval before you start searching for your investment property means that you can have the confidence to bid at auction or make an offer.

Buying an investment means preparing for the long-term management of the property. Finding the right tenants early on, means that the ongoing management is easy and stress free.

As you embark on your property investment journey, we hope these tips are helpful.

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Is buying an investment property right for me?

Property investment in Australia is a popular way to generate wealth - it’s an asset you can see and touch and you can generate income from first day you own it.

What is the right investment strategy for me?

Do you need rent to cover your mortgage payments, or are you looking for tax benefits?

How much can I afford to spend on an investment property?

There are several costs involved in purchasing an investment property and it's a good idea to understand these costs so you can accurately plan your investment.

What suburb and type of property should I invest in?

When you're comparing investment properties, it's important to keep the properties tenant appeal top of mind. You should always ask yourself - can you attract good, long-term tenants to this property?

How do I choose the right kind of Investment loan?

When you’ve decided on an investment strategy you’ll need to make sure you’ve selected a loan that will maximise your goals for cash-flow and capital growth.

Do I need to get pre-approval for my investment loan?

Once you’ve selected a loan product, a formal pre-approval is the next critical step in purchasing an investment property.

Shopping around for an investment property to purchase

Shopping around for an investment property differs from buying for yourself because you have to look for qualities in a property that you can see others enjoying.

Finding tenants and a manager for the property

Once the sale is finalised and you've taken over possession of the property you will need to find tenants and a manager for the property.

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