Looking to buy your first home

Guiding you through your first property purchase
Buying your first home is one of the biggest milestones in your life, but it may also be an overwhelming experience. This is where I will take the stress and uncertainty away and support you through the process.

Borrowing capacity
I will start with determining how much you are able to borrow, so that you can start looking for a home that fits comfortably within your maximum borrowing limit. I
can also let you know what else you will need to include when it comes to buying a
home, such as stamp duty, conveyancing and bank fees (if applicable).

I can match you up with the right lender that is suited to you based on your situation and borrowing capacity. I can guide you through the application process, submit the documentation and follow through with the lender so that you have the confidence in
knowing you are ready to look for a property and make an offer on the right home
for you.

Loan application and settlement
I can be your guide throughout the process through to your big settlement day. I
can take the legwork out of the application process, so all you have to do is find your
dream home and let me do the rest!

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