Our Team

Name Jill Lindsay
Position Credit Analyst

Jill has over 20 years experience in home lending, banking and finance broking.
Jill is our newest team member and it is her role to focus on the detail of your loan to work with Sandy to find the right lender, product & structure for your home loan to support Sandy's recommendations.
From time to time Jill will contact you to ask for more information to help her on her search.

Name Linda Carr
Position Client Services Manager

Linda has over 30 years of banking experience and this means that she is exceptional at providing outstanding customer service.
As your Client Services Manager, it is Linda's role to get your application finalised, lodged, monitor it with the lender recommended and take you all the way to settlement.
Linda's favourite part of her role is calling you and letting you know your finance is approved!

Name Lee Ann Hernandez
Position Client Services Manager

Lee Ann has over 3 years of loan processing experience and is an integral part of our team.
It is Lee Ann's role to prepare your application paperwork and ensure that we have gathered all of the correct information from you for your application process.
Lee Ann also looks after our ongoing customer care program and keeps in contact with your lender regularly to see if any further rate discounts can be provided.