About Us

Finding the right home loan isn’t always easy – especially if you’re self-employed, or your financial situation is complex.

There are so many mortgage products to choose from – and lenders’ preferences and policies can change from day-to-day. Choose the wrong one and you could end up:

  • being turned down for property finance
  • paying more than you need to for your home loan
  • locked into terms that don’t meet your needs.

If this has happened to you – or if you want to take steps to make sure it doesn’t – I can help.

I spent more than 10 years working in corporate finance, so I know how banks think.

As a mortgage broker I apply this inside knowledge to help people like you get the home loan you need. I’m known for solving problems, giving straight answers and telling it like it is.

So whether you’re seeking finance to buy a new home, trying to cut the cost of your property finance, or want to own your home sooner – I’m here to help you find an ideal lender and the right mortgage package.

I work with clients across Melbourne’s Bayside, from Black Rock to Brighton and am a proud member of the Bayside Community Hub.