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Mortgage Broker Brighton, Warradale, Flagstaff Hill

I have a real passion for helping people achieve their finance dreams, whether that be the purchase of their first home, upgrading, establishing an investment portfolio, buying or developing their business.

I have over 30 years experience in residential, commercial and business finance, combined with access to over 30 financiers (including all major banks). The combination of my years experience and a wide range of lenders, means I am uniquely placed to arrange the finance that meets my clients’ individual requirements.

Client Education
I have a strong belief in clients making informed decisions about their finances. This means I spend as much time as necessary to ensure my clients fully understand their current financial position and the options available to them to achieve their short, medium and long term financial goals. Additionally, post settlement I continue to work with my clients to ensure their finances continue to meet their requirements.

Loan Pre-approval
Where ever possible I arrange pre-approval of finance.This allows my clients to look for properties with confidence, knowing their maximum borrowing capacity as well as providing them with some additional bargaining power when negotiating their property purchase. In addition to providing the initial pre-approval, I constantly review my clients’ position to ensure they continue to meet the ever-changing lending criteria and that their pre-approved loan remains the most appropriate for them.

Property Investment Loans
My many years of involvement in finance has allowed me to gain extensive experience in arranging finance strategies for property investors and high net worth individuals. The various strategies have been designed to assist all types of investors from those who want a passive, no frills investment to those who are more aggressive and wish to establish a large property portfolio. The strategies assist my clients to purchase investment property(ies) and gain maximum benefit from their investment.

Business & Commercial Finance
In addition to being an accredited residential mortgage broker, I am also an accredited commercial mortgage broker with some 20 years experience in commercial finance.

For my self employed clients this means they have one point of contact for all their finance needs, irrespective of them requiring personal or business finance.

As a result of the GFC there has been significant changes in commercial finance. In particular, lenders have changed their lending requirements and appetitie to lend for various purposes. It is therefore very important for commercial borrowers to have access to a lending expert who can source the right finance to meet their requirements. In many cases there may be only 1 or 2 lenders who will provide the finance required and if the proposal is not presented correctly the bank will not provide the required finance.

My areas of expertise in commercial & business finance are:
  • Commercial property purchases;
  • Franchise finance;
  • Property development;
  • Business purchases and expansion;
  • Cash flow finance (debtor finance).

Business Network
Purchasing a property can be a very daunting and stressful experience, even for those who have purchased many properties before. As a mortgage broker, I am able to relieve people of the worry associated with arranging the finance they require to complete a property purchase. However, I know that this is not the only aspect of a property purchase that can cause stress, for example who do you contact for a building inspection or landlords insurance? It is for this reason I have established a network of experts who can assist my clients with other aspects of a property purchase. Essentially I can manage the whole buying process on my clients behalf.

My business network includes:
EFC Group (Richard Koral)
56 Greenhill Road
Wayville SA 5034
Ph: 8272 6833

PCS Accountants and Business Advisors (Andrew Jeynes)
160 Main Road
McLaren Vale SA 5171
Ph: 8232 7600

Gibson Partners (Tim Alver)
246 Brighton Road
Somerton Park SA 5044
Ph: 8376 05585

Rivergum Homes (Shane Wisdom)
387 South Road
Mile End South SA 5031
Ph: 0414 369 964

Trevor White & Associates (Trevor White)
255 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: 8227 1105

Financial Planning
SWM Finance Matters (Tony Skinner)
8/435 Fullarton Road
Highgate SA 5063
Ph: 8271 5427
Mob: 0412 424 034

EFC Financial Planning (Richard Koral)
Wayville SA 5034
Ph: 8272 6833

General Insurance Broker
Safeguard Insurance Brokers (Daniel Bullock)
285 Anzac Highway
Plympton SA 5038
Ph: 8371 0566

Life/Personal Protection Insurance
Wealth Market
Ralston Grose
32 Halifax Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: 0499 551 240

SWM Finance Matters (Tony Skinner)
8/435 Fullarton Road
Highgate SA 5063
Ph: 8271 5427
Mob: 0412 424 034


  • Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)
  • Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd (COSL)

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I am based in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and provide home loan, investment loan, and business and commercial loan services to clients in areas including but not limited to: Brighton, Seacliff, Hallett Cove, Flagstaff Hill, Warradale, Glengowrie, Ascot Park, Mitchell Park, Clovelly Park, and Seacombe Gardens.

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