Home Loans

Selecting a Home Loan can be stressful. There are countless lenders available in the market and each lenders offers a suite of products, so which one should you choose?

Selecting a lender or a product within the lender is not as simple as finding an attractive interest rate and making an application with that lender. Ultimately, the reason you apply for a loan is to have it approved. With this in mind, did you know different lenders will assess your application differently based on -

  • The size of the loan you are applying for
  • The size of the loan relative to the security value you are offering the lender
  • The location of the security
  • The type of security
  • Your income
  • Where your income comes from
  • Your credit history
  • Your living situation
  • The purpose of the loan application

Any of these factors could be the item that stops your application from proceeding without seeking professional advice prior to making the application. This is where we add value to your experience.

The team at Loan Market Shellharbour have over 15 years of combined lending experience. We understand lending policy and further understand that matching lender policy to individual circumstances is how to achieve a loan approval, rather than just seeking out an interest rate.

The Shellharbour local area and surrounds is comprised of many industries but we do see a concentration of Tradesman, Miners, School Teachers, Nurses and Public Servants and by understanding our local area we know which lenders are most equipped to help these people.

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