Self Employed

We are business owners and we don’t feel dis-advantaged when borrowing money, so why should you?

As business owners for the past 5 years we know that there are challenges attached to running a business, managing cash flow, paying bills, managing your time so our goal for our self-employed clients is to make the process as streamline and hassle free as possible. Not matter what the purpose.

Business owners could be borrowing money for a huge number of reasons, including –

  • Personal Home Loan
  • Personal Investment Loan
  • Commercial or Industrial Property Purchase
  • Business Equipment Finance
  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Car Leasing
  • Tax Debt
  • Refinance of Existing Loans

We assist with all of these services, and more. We often find ourselves working closely with your accountant to confirm the structure of the proposed facility and gathering documentation directly from them rather than you needing to chase around to supply us with the items required. Our goal is to deliver timely and accurate approvals to allow you to continue running your business with minimal interruption.

To speak with Lee about any of the above services, or perhaps some other type of finance please fill out the form or call 0412 951 773.

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