About Us

Throughout my 28 years in providing finance solutions, the ‘wow moments’ are those where I have received heartfelt thanks from clients who say I have helped them realise their dreams.

It’s great feeling when I can help a customer break out of the rent cycle and secure their own home, or provide them the opportunity to grow a business or investment portfolio.

It is the positive feedback I receive from customers that drives me and I love the complexity of finding a lender for a customers when the banks have said no.

Much of that positive feedback is around me speaking with customers in language they understand. No jargon. No bank speak. Just straight shooting.

Flexible hours

With most of my customers working during standard banking hours, I have built my business around offering specialised service hours including late nights and weekends to ensure people can secure finance when it suits them.

Compliance focus

One of the benefits of working with Loan Market is the amazing platforms and support teams that are dedicated to ensuring brokers are kept up to date around compliance changes and ensuring clients are managed correctly.

This is critical to my business and my desire to ensure clients are provided with the right long-term solutions.

Service approach

Twenty eight years in finance has taught me that ‘out of the box’ solutions should be avoided and I offer a tailored approach to servicing my customers.

Initial ‘fact find’ sessions are aimed at determining financial goals and how I can help - whether it be setting up a savings plan for a first home, debt refinancing, investment properties, commercial properties, SMSF or otherwise.

That enables me to begin to form a strategy which we flesh out in a client planning session, before proceeding with any loan applications.

Regular contact with clients after settlement is also essential to ensure they are tracking well and their situation hasn’t changed.

Other offerings:

All customers are offered the financial services of our partners who complement their strategy - whether accountancy, financial planning, property management services or otherwise.

By providing an integrated approach to finance management I can ensure all my clients receive the best loan solution that is supported by a detailed strategy.

Core Product Offerings: 

  • Home loans
  • Investment loans
  • Asset finance
  • Business lending
  • Commercial finance
  • Personal loans
  • Debt restructuring
  • Risk mitigation planning and insurance