Bankruptcies, Part Nines, Serious Defaults

Until recently Bankruptcy meant you must wait for 7 years....Not Now

For most of us, Part Nine, Bankruptcy and Clear Outs meant we had burnt our bridges with the banks for at least 7 years and it would impossible to arrange finance with your everyday lender.

The laws are changing and for those of us that have found ourselves in that scenario it is time to take stock and re-examine our opportunities to get our back foot in the door as a Home Buyer or Property Investor.

  • Are you a Declared Bankrupt where the bankruptcy took place before 2010
  • Did you arrange to have a Part Nine debt agreement put in place before 2010
  • Have you ever had a bank complete a clear out and write of debt that was in your name.

If you fit the bill in any one of these scenarios it is time to speak with a us here at Loanmarket. You may learn that the black mark that has held you back for so long is no longer an impediment to moving on with your life.

If this is the one thing that has stopped you from looking at your financing options before, now is the time to change and kick start your dreams of building a property portfolio.

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