Building your First Home


As a First Home buyer making the decision to buy land and build your first home there are a number of very good reasons to do so.

Depending on your location in Australia you can

  • Save up to the full cost of the Stamp Duty- (in Victoria it is approximately half)
  • Receive a First home builders grant up to $30000 (in Victoria it is $10,000)
  • Receive other concessions as an owner occupier

These incentives mean that more of your savings are put toward the property and you are required to cover less of the outgoing expenses. There are real advantages as a First Home Buyer with a small deposit. You end up buying a home where you have a say in its design, its color and look. it will be a very satisfying experience.

You WILL NOT be buying another persons mistakes!

But where can it go wrong?

The old saying is "If you fail to prepare, be prepared to Fail" - recent case studies where clients rushed the process meant they ended up with houses smaller than were originally quoted. For various reasons the house they wanted and paid for could not be put onto the land in the size they expected.

We all want our dream home, but we have to be certain that we will get the support required by our bank. When there is a lack of preparation, days can drag into weeks and weeks into months. If you are not absolutely certain that you are ready, take a couple of hours out of your time and spend it with your broker.

Preparation is Everything!

If you are starting out, the first appointment you make should be with your broker. WHY?

  • To correctly ascertain your budget
  • To understand how the process of paying for everything comes together especially when there are grants and concessions are involved
  • Knowing what your outlays are going to be all the way through
  • Making sure your paper work is acceptable to a bank and they are not going to keep asking for more and more information.

Not least importantly, KNOWING FOR CERTAIN that you will get the support from your lender of choice.

This is what a recent client has to say-

"I met Stephen when I began researching what I needed to do to finance my first home purchase. My problem was my lack of knowledge of loans, banks and what I needed to do to get started. At the time we met I was not in a position to buy but the information Stephen provided at that very first meeting made me decide that I would use his service's. Stephen gave me a list of goals to achieve over the next few months and taught me what the banks would want to see when I began the finance process, knowing this gave me confidence that I would qualify for the loan I wanted. The fact that he gave his time at no monetary cost contributed to my decision as well.
We first met over 2 years ago and I have now developed my knowledge on loan products, lenders and how to better prepare my financials. The advise that Stephen gave and the knowledge I have gained has meant I am with a lender and using loan products that I am very satisfied with, the help I received from Stephen gave me peace of mind throughout the entire loan application process.
Very soon my wife, son and I will have a brand new home to call our own.
I would advise my friends who are looking for loans to use my broker's services due to the knowledge I have gained and support my family has been given"

- Jeewantha- Victoria- Feb 2014

As your Broker I am always on your side, I am your trusted adviser and I take your success seriously.

Having us working for you will mean you build the home that you want.