Building your new home is an exciting time, choosing the floor plans, decor, colors and carpets is such an exciting experience...... BUT

Handling the paper work, arranging the construction finance and managing the construction loan process can be a daunting challenge.

The first thing to realise when you construct your home is there will be a lot of paper work. Contracts, plans, spec's, variations, schedules, approvals, payment authorities; the paper work required for construction finance can seem Himalayan.

Understanding what you are reading and how it is all supposed to come together as a construction finance loan may seem like a monumental task but the reality is it is a step by step process of putting the right information in front of the right person at the right time.

Whether you are a first home buyer purchasing a house and land package, an investor sub dividing a residential block, or you are an owner builder.

There is an endless list of questions and in each case the situation is quite different.

1: How does construction finance work?

2: How is the valuation done when there is no house to value?

3: Do I need Insurance?

4: How do I pay the Builder?

We are the experts in construction finance having completed more than 1000 construction loans over the last decade. From the moment of applying for your pre-approval to the payment of the Completion Cheque we will provide the end to end solution. Banks are always the lender however an application through your local branch will result in you being offered the basic service of having a loan approved.

  • Did you receive advice on your end structures?
  • What actually happens after the loan is settled and funded?
  • Are you actually getting a great outcome and being looked after by your lender?
  • Is your loan as economical as you can get it?

To answer these and every other question you have we are available anytime to speak directly with you.

How do I get the help I need?

Simply leave your details on our contact card, tell us what you need and in 10 minutes we can have you heading towards opening the front door of your newly constructed dream home.

Happy Building!!

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