Self Employed

As a Mortgage Broker I know exactly what it means to be self employed.

There is never enough time, there are always great demands on you and your expertise and often your own needs are put to the side.

As a business owner there are any number of reasons why finance may be sought, whether that be for a vehicle, a factory, a franchise or a new home? You need someone on your side.

Ask yourself these questions:

1: Does a Bank Officer in your local branch know what it means to be self employed?

2: Does a person who has been in a branch for 3 years and paid a salary really understand your unique challenges?

3: If the bank around the corner has the loan that meets your need the best, is your bank going to tell you?

I spend my career learning and understanding which bank will accept my clients and their needs.

Self employed lending is about “putting the right piece of paper in front of the right person at the right time”, I learned that a long time ago and that has been a key to our success.

Take advantage of our FREE service. Concentrate on your business while we concentrate on your finance solution. In any business, time is of the essence. We will work hand in hand with you, your accountant and lender to provide the solution and deliver the result you want.

A ten minute conversation with us will save you hours and potentially thousands of dollars.

Need a solution? Call us.

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