Investment Loans

Investment in property is a simple transaction. Regardless of the property type or location the fundamentals of investment property remain the same.

When investing in property your prime motivation is to make money so it is vital that the finance you select is appropriate, economical and structured to meet your investment profile.


This is the most common form of financing an investment purchase. The purpose of the loan means that we are typically looking at a simple product with few features. Rate can be a prime motivator in product selection. But before you rush in to your local branch there are a few questions to consider.

1: What is your risk Appetite?

2: Do you have a goal in mind?

3: Are you looking to maximise your taxation benefits?

These are a few of the questions that should be asked before any decision to lend is made and definitely before you put pen to paper on a property contract.

As a mortgage broker Stephen is an absolute professional. I was a first time property investor, I needed the services of someone who could take me through the mortgage process step by step and explain each in detail, Stephen did this. Stephen constantly kept me up to date with what stage my loan approval was at. Stephen provided a great communication link between myself, and the financial institution I went with. Due to Stephen's professionalism, communication, and timely approach my whole mortgage experience was smooth and stress free. I am extremely happy with the result and will be calling Stephen again when I am ready to buy my next property. Christopher, Richmond, VIC


This is a different style of investment with very different outcomes. It is therefore important to understand the process and structures required to set up your investment well in advance of any decision to purchase.

Financing through super requires a specialised finance option and there are distinct differences between what the various lenders offer. Superannuation comes with strict legislative guidelines so setting the loan up correctly the first time is absolutely vital.

YOUR LOAN MARKET BROKER CAN GIVE YOU THE EDGE, linking you with the correct lender and appropriate product to meet all of your investment requirements.


Trusts are a very good vehicle for the investor but just like super it is vital to understand how lenders view the various types of trusts. There are a number of different trusts available and each carry with it a very different set of outcomes.

Financing a purchase using a trust requires specific advice on what each lender will offer. There are instances that lenders will not allow certain trust types as your investment vehicle. It is important that you involve your Loan market broker before any significant financial outlay in the creation of the trust or before signing your property contract.

In our business investment is our ultimate aim for every one of our clients. Depending on who you are and what you want out of your property investment we have the necessary range of skills to assist you correctly establish your investment finance.

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