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    How a credit report affects a loan application

    As part of the approval process when applying for any type of finance, a lender will run a thorough check on your credit report to find out about your credit track record.

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    Wondering how to use your refinancing capital?

    How many times have you watched the TV show, The Block, and said ‘I could do better’?

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    Save a tonne: Choose the right loan

    Sit down, take a deep breath, things are about to get easier. We’re here to rescue you from endless Google searches trying to determine what type of loan is right for you.

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    Rates Unchanged- Signs of Stability

    Today the Reserve Bank of Australia announced no changes to the current cash rate.

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    Lenders are competing for business

    Loan Market held is first Victorian state meeting for 2014 with leading banks in attendance.

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    Finding your First home in Point Cook

    Steps for a no stress home purchase: Kick off the Search.

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    Rates On Hold

    Today's announcement from the RBA is that the cash rates will remain at the current rate of 2.5%.

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    Point Cook Home Buyer with Credit Defaults

    The impact that a Credit Default can have on your Home loan application can be anything from negligible to CATASTROPHIC.

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    Loan Market Point Cook is financing your home purchase

    Steps for a No Stress Home Purchase: Get the GREEN Light.

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    Point Cook First Home Owners buying or building a brand new home

    Point Cook First Home Owners buying or building a brand new home: Its time to talk.

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    Steps for First Home Owners setting their goals

    Steps for First Home Owners setting their goals: SET YOUR GOAL.