Mortgage Broker in Greater Sydney region, Illawarra and South coast region and Greater State of New South Wales

With over 10 years industry experience in residential and commercial mortgages, I am here to assist in facilitating clients short and long term financial goals, and provide an exceptional service in doing so. My key focus is holistic lending; not just looking at a loan as a transaction but a means to achieve goals. I work for my clients, not for a bank and am always available to support them on their journey from their first mortgage to retirement and beyond.


  • Adam
    I have always found the level of customer service provided by Taila to be extremely high and have always found Taila to be extremely friendly, competent and reliable. Taila’s level of communication is exceptional, always providing timely updates and advice regarding my loan applications. Taila’s attention to detail is first class and at times has saved wasted time and effort due to her diligence, ensuring all documentation is correct in the first instance marking for timely applications and approval periods. Her excellent understanding of products, bank systems and loan processes has made all dealings with Taila easy and efficient ensuring successful outcomes in tight timeframes.
  • David and Cheryl
    Taila kept us completely informed during the borrowing process, provided sound advice and instilled great confidence in her abilities, knowledge and her genuine concern for our best interests. We trust her, and she delivers, every time. Our last loan was for an investment property and Taila found us the right loan, it could have stopped there but it didn't. The builder required progress payments at various stages and this was sometimes a tedious process, especially as the building company on several occasions sent the incorrect invoices, which Taila identified and alerted to us. Taila solved this problem for us, by liaising directly with the building company about progress and payments and then keeping us informed as to the status. It is not often these days to receive this kind of personal extra mile service and when you do, it makes you feel confident and grateful.
  • Jen
    Taila, your tenacity and determination to find a lender to refinance with is second to none! You have saved me a minimum $11k p/a and rescued me from forced decisions from loans about to go p/i. I felt fully supported throughout the 5 months this has taken, believing if anyone could do it you could, and you did! You really have your client’s back and it’s obvious that client satisfaction means more to you than just getting another deal on your books. Thank you Taila – you’re amazing!
  • Zez
    Taila was very helpful in our loan application process from the beginning to the end. We had been working with her for more than 5 years and Taila has extensive knowledge of our financial situation. Taila would often check in with me to see if there are any loan needs and would always search the market for better rates. As I operate multiple businesses and have a complex trust structure, it’s always good to have someone knowledgeable to save me from running around. Also Taila has a very good relationship with the bankers which makes the application and processing of our loan even more efficient. Even after the loan approval and settlement, Taila will continually check to make sure everything went smoothly as planned and to see if there are any further needs she can help with. Taila has also gone out of her way to help us in signing-off loan papers outside working hours in a timely fashion in order to have the approval process move along faster. For me the three most important aspects to Taila’s service is trustworthiness, knowledge and effective communication. Many thanks for the great outcome!
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