First Home Buyers

I specialise in dealing with first home buyers and have helped hundreds of applicants into their first home. First home buyers require special attention and the dedication to explain the process thoroughly - probably more than once.

Reassurance can help remove the nerves and make the process much easier, so I don't mind if you ask me the same thing more than once. Communication is also essential for keeping your application on track, both with you and the lender; I keep in touch so regularly throughout the process you'll probably talk to me more than your Mum!

For me, first home buyers are the best, they're so full of enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of owning their first place. Being there to provide assistance and ultimately ensure your needs are met is never a chore.

Thank you so much Terry for all your help with the loan details. From when we first started looking to buy to finding our home and to what will be beyond. I am very sorry that this thank you is late (no excuse - will blame the children!) It was a pleasure to meet you. You are the epitome of great customer service and along with the knowledge you have we will not hesitate to refer others to you. A very big thank you Terry. May happiness always be part of your life. John and Jodette G, The Gap

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