Your lending specialists for the greater eastern suburbs

Providing finance solutions on a platform of experience and local knowledge is the key driver of our service offering. Our business owner, Alex, is a born-and-bred Bondi local with over 10 years’ of  finance experience.

Finance broking is about you, the client, so we always strive to understand your individual needs and goals. A competitive rate is a given, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of a loan structure specific to your unique financial situation.

Giving back to our local community is also important and each year we commit to giving back a portion of every loan written to various causes.   

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Latest News

  1. Are you agreeing to auction conditions at a private treaty?

    In the current race to find and buy property, we’re beginning to see a growing pressure placed on potential buyer’s to unconditionally exchange when making an offer.

  2. It's not all negative - Comprehensive Credit Reporting

    Also known as positive credit reporting, this is the newest means of collecting and reporting an individual’s credit history whereby both negative and positive financial events are documented.

  3. Rate Lock - Remove the fear of missing out

    Offered by the majority of lenders, a rate lock will secure the desired fixed rate for a period of time (this tends to be 90 days) with the intention of protecting you from rising interest rates.