A plan delivers a new home

I want to tell you about Mick and Jan.  We first met several months ago and they thought owning their own home was just a dream.  This week they bought their first home. Here is what happened. Six months ago Mick and Jan had a knock on the door.  It was a local real estate agent who thought they might be interested to know an apartment in their street sold for $515,000 that week. Jan actually wasn’t happy to hear his news. Their first child had just arrived and it felt like buying their own home was becoming less attainable.  Luckily, the agent was sympathetic to their situation and suggested they have a chat to me. He knew I had helped a lot of people buy their first home and he thought maybe I could help. A week later I met with the couple and we discussed their situation.  Affordability wasn’t going to be a problem.  The loan repayments for their house budget were almost the same as their current rent.  The only issue was not having enough deposit.  A plan was hatched. Over the next six months they began saving seriously, knowing their dream wasn’t as unattainable as they thought. We had developed a strategy to get them to their goal.  After six months they still didn’t have enough deposit but it was a good start.  In this case their family also provided support. Now we re-assessed their position,  confirmed their ability to buy, and so the search was on. After a few tips on dealing with the agent of a property they were interested in they rang me with the exciting news. Their offer on the home had been accepted. Jan thought it must have been fate we met and why they now have their home. The reality is they received some good guidance and planning, that gave them the commitment they needed to save a deposit and see their dream was achievable. It’s easier to reach your goals if you know what they are and what you need to do to get there.  That’s what I was able to do for Mick and Jan who are now excited first home owners! Click the Facebook Logo to join a new group for first home buyers FB-f-Logo__blue_72