Our Team

About our team:

Name Julie Turner
Position Lending Analyst
With nearly a decade of experience in the lending industry, Julie has a keen eye for detail that is unparalleled. Her role as Lending Analyst involves researching, preparing & presenting our clients' loan applications in the best possible light so that every application is given the best and fastest chance at reaching approval. Julie has her head constantly in bank policy & compliance to ensure that any advice given to our clients is clear and up to date.

Name Eliza Clarke
Position Client Support Manager
Eliza is our client’s ongoing support. Having previous experience as a loan administrator she not only understands the application process from start to finish but she also appreciates that the journey for our clients does not simply end at settlement. Her role involves assisting our clients with general enquiry & ongoing rate reviews and loan maintenance. Eliza also ensures that our clients are content with their loan facilities not just a few months but years down the line.

Name Chaya Althaus
Position Sales Administrator
Coming from a real estate background, Chaya truly understands the overall property purchase experience and is well positioned to offer our services to those who are first looking to enter the world of lending. Her role ensures that all new client enquiries received are introduced to our service, our team & are advised on how we are able to assist with their lending needs

Name Scott Duffy
Position Wealth Adviser

Scott is passionate about helping people protect and secure their financial future. By delivering collaborative and tailored strategies and solutions, Scott’s clients have comfort and can spend their time on the important things in life.

Name Nick Zervos
Position Lending Analyst

With 8 years of industry experience, Nick has a thorough understanding of the lending landscape and is well versed in all lender policies. Having previously worked as a senior team leader at ING he is able to offer insight on lender requirements, process & how best to prepare the loan application for an optimal outcome. Nick adds a great depth of knowledge and connections to our team given his time and experience in Corporate Banking.

Name Susan Pirreca
Position Lending Analyst

Suz is one of our lending analysts whose role is to oversee the loan application from lodgement to settlement, ensuring a streamlined process for our clients. With a strong finance background of over 10 years, Suz has experience from both sides having worked both directly for the bank & externally as a client representative. Her wealth of knowledge when it comes to land & construction means that she is also the ideal person to assist those clients who are seeking to build their dream home or Investment property.