First Home Buyers

When purchasing a property for the first time there's so much information it can all seem so difficult and confusing. I know from dealing with many First Home Owners you will have many many questions. That’s why I’m here to help !

I’ll take you through the whole process from initial consultation right through to settlement, and explain everything in detail before we apply for a home loan pre-approval.

I understand lender policies and can compare over 30 Lenders to find the right solution for you.

Steps in the process:

At our first meeting I will advise you of:

  • How much you can borrow
  • How much deposit you'll need as well as any costs involved (Stamp Duty, Solicitor Fees, Lender Fees, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, etc)
  • How to apply for the First Home Owner Grant and determine if you are eligible
  • The paperwork required
  • The different types of home loans and rates
  • Lender Policies
  • How the Home Loan process works and the steps involved from pre-approval, through purchasing the property, to settlement so that you will be ready to liaise with real estate agents and your conveyancer and fee confident in making a purchase

If your deposit is ready, and the funds available to cover any costs, I'll prepare all the paperwork and lodge the pre-approval for you, with the lender of your choice. If you don’t have the deposit I can assist with budgeting to help you reach your goal.

Once the pre-approval has been provided by the lender it is then up to you to find your new home! I'll liaise with you through this process and guide you step by step through each stage until the loan settles, and will continue to keep in touch with you post settlement.

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